Schick Neighbour Hoops

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Schick Neighbour Hoops to Deliver Outdoor Hoops to Kiwi Communities

Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) are pleased to announce that Schick will be joining its successful Hoops in Parks initiative – with the partnership aiming to deliver quality outdoor hoops to even more Kiwis across Aotearoa.

Since 2019, BBNZ – under its vision of ‘a hoop in the heart of every community’ – has worked with Regional Councils and Associations to deliver Hoops in Parks across New Zealand. So far, 14 hoops have been installed across nine locations, giving thousands of community ballers young and old a place to have fun and develop their basketball skills.

As an official partner of Hoops in Parks, Schick will work with BBNZ to deliver an epic new programme under the campaign title “Schick NeighbourHoops”.

The programme will see BBNZ and Schick collaborate on the installation of 10 basketball hoops across 10 regions throughout New Zealand, with one hoop installed in each region with the input of the community.

BBNZ Facilities and Insights Lead, Dan Dawick says that by partnering with Schick, BBNZ can further increase the reach and impact of its already successful Hoops in Parks programme.

“Hoops in Parks was born out of a lack of suitable facilities – both indoor and outdoor – which we knew was a key barrier of basketball participation in this country; the sport is skyrocketing but many local communities can’t support this growth due to a lack of basketball hoops and courts to cater for the demand,” says Dawick.

“Schick NeighbourHoops is exactly what Hoops and Parks needed to take this initiative to the next level, so we’re incredibly excited to have Schick on board. This campaign provides accessibility at grassroots basketball for a range of aspiring ballers, giving them the basketball resources and facilities to grow their game. It gives communities more safe places to shoot hoops in their local regions – utilising existing council land and green space – so it’s a massive win for everyone involved.”

Schick Senior Brand Manager Susan Jackson says the Neighbourhoops initiative is a natural extension of Schick’s long-term support of basketball in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“We’ve been backing the basketball community for many years, through our support of specific tournaments and our hugely successful Schick Everyday Ballers campaign over the past three years, so this feels like a great evolution of how we can add another layer of support for people who love this sport,” says Jackson.

BBNZ CEO, Dillon Boucher says that a safe and accessible outdoor hoop often plays an important part of a player’s journey in basketball.

“Many players, myself included, have started their journey in basketball thanks to a hoop in their backyard or down at their park; it’s a great way for them to develop their skills and to play with friends in a fun and healthy way,” says Boucher.

“But many others don’t have access to hoops, particularly in remote or rural communities – and it impacts on their growth as an athlete and prevents them from reaching their potential. So, it’s fantastic to see Schick stepping up to help us provide more facilities and more opportunities for our youth; I can’t wait to see Schick NeighbourHoops in action.”

The Schick NeighbourHoops campaign launches on 14 September, with Schick running a social campaign which gives the New Zealand basketball community an opportunity to vote for their favourite location for a new hoop.

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