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Referee Resources



You can (& should) never stop learning throughout your Referee’s journey

Here are just a few resources you may want to think about looking these will make your officiating life a whole lot easier!




Click here to download a copy of the “So They Have Asked you to Referee”

Click here to download a copy of the Kiwi Hoops Referee Booklet –

Click here to download a copy of the FIBA Level One Referee Manual –  


Or take a Referee’s personality test by simply- Clicking Here


Basketball New Zealand Referee Update

And from Melony Wealleans  BBNZ’s Referee Development Manager

FIBA have produced a range of courses for Federations to use. These will be incorporated into the Basketball New Zealand Referee Pathway, which is currently in the process of being updated.

The courses also serve to replace the FIBA Mechanics Manual and so with this in mind, these will be placed on our website for referees and Trainers to refer to (

Contained within the courses are a number of changes.  Those to take particular note of:

Level 1

  • 3.5, p44 – Referees are encouraged to signal a visible count, should a player with the ball be closely guarded.
  • 3.6, p45 – When a shot clock is clearly visible to all participants, it is not necessary for the trail official to signal a visual count in the backcourt.
  • Level 1, 5.5, p91 – When a violation occurs during the last or only free-throw the official is to blow the whistle without delay to indicate a violation has occurred.
  • 5.5.2, p93 – If the ball is located on the Trail’s side and close to the low post, with a likelihood of post play on this side, the Lead may move across to officiate the post play near the ball.

Please note the protocol to adopt this is:

  1. Ball and post same side as Trail
  2. Ball is below free-throw line extended.
  3. Lead may cross, scanning the paint
  4. Lead to maintain an open angle.
  5. Lead return to normal position when the post has dissolved or the ball has gone across.


Level 2

4.7, p38 – A point that has been raised previously to referees – no high/low-fiving or fist bumping.

6.1.3, p68 – Trail calls an offensive foul – go to new Lead position;  Lead calls an offensive foul – go to new Trail position

In addition to this Basketball New Zealand will be establishing a Trainers Pathway.   BBNZ intend to hold two Clinics in 2021 for Trainers, that will provide them with extra assistance with working with referees, and ensure they are comfortable with the delivery of the new courses.


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