Balance is Better – Developing Your Coaching Philosophy:

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Developing Your Coaching Philosophy: The Key Points

  • We should empower athletes and give them ownership of their learning. This will help them to become independent decision-makers.
  • By working with athletes individually and creating the conditions for them to enjoy success, we maximize our team’s chances of achieving positive outcomes.
  • Performance Character Strengths like determination, commitment, and resilience, are key to achieving success in competitive environments.
  • Relational Character Strengths such as humility and gratitude are equally essential. In fact, both athletes and teams must possess a balance of both Performance and Relational Character Strengths.

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“As coaches, our job is to nudge them in the right direction. But we don’t control them. They determine their own fate.” Steve Kerr

“We were very focused in 1987… The senior players took on a lot of responsibility and Lois [Muir, the Head Coach,] was wise enough to let them go with it… The key was that we had some of the best in the world in their positions. If you have the best players and they play well, you’re going to be hard to beat.” Waimarama Taumaunu

“The kind of people who stop three steps short; I wouldn’t call them losers, but they’re never winners either. They always fall short.” Wayne Bennett

“It’s something we’ve been talking about with the Silver Ferns; we remain humble, we remain grateful, but we slaughter them when we’re out there on the netball court; we put our foot down.” Dame Noeline Taurua

“Perhaps the most important element of each activity is to inspire a group of people to perform at their very best. The best teachers are the unsung heroes and heroines of any society.” Sir Alex Ferguson

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